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Welcome to EnjoyDoxies.

My interest in dachshund art began with the addition of Betty (a smooth red) to our family. Betty came to live with us in 1995 and life immediately began to change. Who could imagine that one extremely cute, small creature would soon be running our lives? I guess you could say my husband and I developed an avid interest in our dachshund and so began the dachshund art collection.

Our Betty was a wonderful companion for almost fourteen years. She was attentive, intuitive and always entertaining.
Betty will always be our best little friend.

I hope you enjoy Betty's web site and the dachshund art collection.

Thank you - Adrianne C.

I'll Be Waiting

I'll Be Waiting
Take Me Home

Take Me Home
Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Adrianne C. with Betty
Betty & Mom
Alcazar Garden

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