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 Betty - The Wonder Dachshund
It started quite innocently ...

Dachshund  - The moment we saw her, we knew we had to have her. Dachshund  - I know a couple of pushovers when I see them. Dachshund - All I had to do was act cute and cuddly. Dachshund - By the time I'm a year old, I'll have my own badger burrow under 68th Street. Dachshund says why lay on the floor when there's a a rug handy? Dachshund - Mmmmm, is that a cookie I see? Dachshund Betty loves her dad Dad Dachshund - I've heard of earning my keep, but this is ridiculous! Dachshund in Spiffy New Winter Vest Dachshund My Leopard Pillow  Dachshund Betty with Fuzzy Rabbit Friend, now minus ears & tail - Mr. Snowman.  Dachshund Oops, the label reads: Wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.  Dachshund A little Afternoon Sun  Dachshund Forest Gump  Dachshund Hard at Work  Dachshund Helping Out  Dachshunds hate the rain.

... little did we know.



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